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As one of the sought after certified private money broker/lenders in the United States, we offer real estate funding for all kind of investment properties, including commercial, industrial, multi-family, mixed use property, and more. We also help small businesses get the necessary funding that they need - even when conventional lenders turn you away our lenders say YES!
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Private Hard Money Loans

Private hard money loans are expensive, designed to be short-term loans, and have loan amounts that are typically higher than conventional loans. Typically, you can receive up to 75% of the value of your purchase with Hard Money. (e.g. If it's worth $400,000, the maximum you can receive is $300,000).

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Apartment Loans

Planning to purchase a apartment building, a condominium or any multifamily residential complex? In most cases, we can get a multifamily loan approved for you for. Our goal is to make the process of getting your multifamily loan quicker and easier than ever.

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SBA Loans

The SBA offers numerous loan programs to assist small business owners to start, manage and grow their businesses. SBA loan is a small business loan that is partly guaranteed by the U.S. government (the Small Business Administration). The SBA will back up some percentage of the loan a small business or buyer receives, so if the loan can't get paid back, the SBA will step in a reimburse the bank to the predisposed percentage of coverage.

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Fix and Flip Loans

Looking to purchase and rehab an investment property? We are your go-to short-term financing solution provider to fund the purchase and repairs of an investment property. We make the funding as easy as 1 2 3.

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Working Capital Loans

When cash is tight due to an unexpected dip in sales or a slow seasonal period, our lending partners can provide you with a Working Capital amortizing term loan to provide the surge of capital your business need quickly and without the need for collateral!

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Unsecured Lines of Credit

When opportunity knocks, business conditions change or unexpected issues arise, our lending partners can provide you a Line of Credit that gives you 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period.  Minimum $10,000 first draw required.

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